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8 thoughts on “ The Flood - Mares Of Diomedes - Debut EP (Vinyl)

  1. Of Mice & Men met and exceeded all expectations with their early self-titled debut, selling over 35, copies in the first year. Their follow up album - THE FLOOD, sold .
  2. Mares of Diomedes are a two piece from Ireland consisting of two brothers who started the band in and released their first self-titled EP; through Heavy Earth Records in early They toured Europe earlier this year and have taken a break from gigs to focus on writing their debut album.
  3. The mares ate Abderus while Hercules was distracted, but Hercules tamed the mares by throwing to them their own master, Diomedes, to feast upon. The act repulsed the Thracian army and Hercules brought the tamed mares to Mycenae and abandoned them there. Not wanting the now tamed horses, Eurystheus released the mares to the wild.
  4. Apr 10,  · Directed by Nancy Garcia. With Gennaro Aragione, Oriane Audeoud, Lilina Blanco, Karina Diglyte. Flo, a Florentine artist is working at an art gallery when the Flood of the Arno River strikes, killing many people, damaging or destroying millions of masterpieces of art and rare books. As Flo, buries her loved ones and discovers the impact of the flood on art and history, will she pick her.
  5. The Flood were a viral species which became trapped inside a glacier on their planet of Mars. The Flood needed a physical form to take on and could infect all biological life containing water.
  6. Diomedes, or Diomede, was the King of Argos during the Trojan War, and one of its major participants. He was considered to be one of the greatest warriors in the Achaean army, next to Achilles and Ajax the Greater. Diomedes's father, Tydeus, was a member of the Seven Against Thebes. The Seven's war ended in failure, and all of its member's were killed. At their funerals, Diomedes and the other.
  7. Denmark's Dreich and Ireland's Mares of Diomedes will issue a new split release on CD/LP/CS on Sept. 12 via Heavy Earth Records.

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